Monday, August 6, 2012

The One with All the Babies

Two friends of mine had babies on Thursday, July 19. Their birth stories couldn't have been more different. Poor S had a nightmare of a week. 34 hours in labor, 2 hours of pushing, then a C-section to get baby M out. She did not want to join us! Unfortunately, her mom was still recovering (hope you're doing better S!), so we did mostly just baby pics. This was my first newborn shoot. I've decided it's not in me to be the type of newborn photographer that's getting popular these days. I don't do baskets. I do natural life. Lifestyle photography. That's me.

Once S is better, we'll get a few more. Until then, little M's a cutie!

I'll be back later with baby B's newborn pics. Until then, enjoy this cuteness.

Putting on her super cute sock monkey outfit.

See how cute the monkey suit is? :)


Had to throw in this outtake :)