Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The world's smallest cocktail party

To celebrate our first anniversary (only 6 weeks late) and my entrance into the next decade, we decided to take some vacation time and head to St. Augustine. Since the oldest city in America (it's true - Wikipedia says so) is just down the street from one of Greg's oldest friend's new house in Jacksonville, we headed their way first (hence the title of this post).

It was a pretty mellow evening, and it quite nice. We took a stroll with T and M and their daughters and 2 St. Bernards (who weigh more than their daughters). Sydney's not the youngest dog, so she needed a lift home. She's more than 100 lbs...good thing the man of the house is a strapping 6'4" :)

Thanks for having us M & T...and for letting us enjoy your perks of living in Florida on a beautiful golf course. :)

This one's a little camera shy...but I snuck some pictures in anyway.

Caught her doing some doodling. She can draw, just like her dad.

She also has some serious skills on the drums. This kid's the whole package.

And then we arrived in St. Augustine. I'll tell you all about that later. And share just a few of the 900+ pictures I took :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A shooting on the streets of New York

Thanks to my friend Amy, I was invited to NYC for a few days to learn about a company who has a similar background to mine. So, I decided to extend the trip to stay with my great friend Ashley for a few days. It was very last minute, and Ashley had to work while I was there, so I had some free time to just walk around and see the city on my own.

Long story short, I had an incredible time. As most people already know, it's an amazing city. I scored with some of the best weather they've had all year. Thanks for having me Ashley! And thanks for showing me a great time Brooklyn and Manhattan! Get ready for the photo dump.

Broadway on the weekends = madhouse.

 What happens when Ricky Martin leaves his show. It was a mad house!

Late night wine bar.

Outdoor patio brunch in the middle of Manhattan. Pretty great.

 My great friend at work.

Peaceful. I look forward to days like that in 30 years with my husband :)

Makes me smile.

Stumbled on the filming of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Ben Stiller, Adam Scott and about 100 extras and crew. My first glimpse of Hollywood. And I loved it.

Pretty sure they're fighting over a Stretch Armstrong here. Can't wait to see that on the big screen.

Chandelier in 30 Rock. Didn't see Tina, though. Sad :(

A little ping pong in Bryant Park.

Made my way to the Trade Center site, though it was after hours.

Funny story: my dad is obsessed with a fan of the Brooklyn Bridge. When we visited as a family back in high school, he got up early to walk the bridge. We made fun of him for it, as we do with so many other things. Cut to, I figured out what an amazing bridge it is and I regretted not making the trek with him. 

So, it only took 12 years, but I made it there. And it was awesome. Thanks Dad :)

Just a few pics of our time with our hosts at Michael C. Fina. Great experience. Great company. All in all, just an awesome few days in NYC.

Jazz hands.