Thursday, June 14, 2012

Silverpop Fun

Thanks to the hubs' sister, I was booked as the photographer for the family picnic for Silverpop, an email marketing company. The event was pretty awesome--for kids and adults. There were blow up slides and games galore. (When did those things get so popular?) The zip line was a hit, too. Then there were prizes for name that tune and the basketball game - everyone had a chance to shoot for $20. It was pretty entertaining...and a lot of cash changed hands.

I took TONS of pictures, which meant I was editing for the next three days. I spent at least 15 hours editing. I'm definitely understanding why photographers charge what they do. The event itself is the easy part. Then the real work begins.

It was worth it, though. Pretty awesome day. You'll notice some very cute kids. That made it even more fun for me. And the paycheck didn't hurt :)

I look forward to more events like this...hopefully...

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