Monday, July 16, 2012

The One in London

Even though it's been more than a year, I'm happy to talk about our honeymoon (and our wedding, but I wasn't taking pictures that day). :)

So, planning our honeymoon wasn't easy. We knew we didn't want to do the standard all-inclusive beach trip. We knew Europe was where we wanted to go. I think we could have gone anywhere and been happy, but we narrowed it down to the big cities: London, Paris and Rome. Once we got over the cost issue (tough pill to swallow, but we know it was the best decision now), we couldn't have been more ready to go.

So, first stop, London. Red eye over (exhausting). Arrived at our hotel (after A LOT of walking) mid-afternoon. Showered up, headed out. Here's a little taste of Day 1.

Buckingham Palace

We were there a week before William married Kate in the wedding of the century. We got to see the set up and signs like this all over the place.

First drinks in London. Happy husband. :)

Pretty amazing city

From the London Eye

Last shot of the night. Day 1: complete. I'll run through the whole honeymoon a day at a time. I'm not even sure if anyone's reading this, but I'm enjoying reliving it, so I guess I don't really care! :)

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