Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A shooting on the streets of New York

Thanks to my friend Amy, I was invited to NYC for a few days to learn about a company who has a similar background to mine. So, I decided to extend the trip to stay with my great friend Ashley for a few days. It was very last minute, and Ashley had to work while I was there, so I had some free time to just walk around and see the city on my own.

Long story short, I had an incredible time. As most people already know, it's an amazing city. I scored with some of the best weather they've had all year. Thanks for having me Ashley! And thanks for showing me a great time Brooklyn and Manhattan! Get ready for the photo dump.

Broadway on the weekends = madhouse.

 What happens when Ricky Martin leaves his show. It was a mad house!

Late night wine bar.

Outdoor patio brunch in the middle of Manhattan. Pretty great.

 My great friend at work.

Peaceful. I look forward to days like that in 30 years with my husband :)

Makes me smile.

Stumbled on the filming of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Ben Stiller, Adam Scott and about 100 extras and crew. My first glimpse of Hollywood. And I loved it.

Pretty sure they're fighting over a Stretch Armstrong here. Can't wait to see that on the big screen.

Chandelier in 30 Rock. Didn't see Tina, though. Sad :(

A little ping pong in Bryant Park.

Made my way to the Trade Center site, though it was after hours.

Funny story: my dad is obsessed with a fan of the Brooklyn Bridge. When we visited as a family back in high school, he got up early to walk the bridge. We made fun of him for it, as we do with so many other things. Cut to, I figured out what an amazing bridge it is and I regretted not making the trek with him. 

So, it only took 12 years, but I made it there. And it was awesome. Thanks Dad :)

Just a few pics of our time with our hosts at Michael C. Fina. Great experience. Great company. All in all, just an awesome few days in NYC.

Jazz hands.

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  1. Wow Alison, I love love love all your photos! You have a fabulous eye for photography! The next time we see you, you have to take our family pics. I look forward to more blog posts and more wonderful pictures. Hope you and Greg are doing well, we miss you guys!